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Motivation, work habits and insights I’ve gleaned as both an independent and traditionally published author. If you have any ideas or requests for this section, please drop me a line via the contacts section.

SORRY ABOUT THAT    [08:02:2017]
I was invited to speak in front of a group of aspiring writers a while back. All adults, all invested enough in their ambition to turn up to the basement of a pub… [READ ARTICLE]

BRICKS  –  [10:02:2017]
I Imagine a long road. Longer. Longer still. It twists, turns, takes you through beautiful open countryside and dark threatening woods…  [READ ARTICLE]

THINGS I DIDN’T KNOW: a reading list  –  [13:07:2017]
You soak up a lot when you read a lot – the way sorties are shaped and told….  [READ ARTICLE]