Praise for Andy’s Books

“Honest, gripping, bittersweet and very funny.”
Jenny Colgan, Bestselling Author 

“At my age, I am still amazed when a writer with the gift of the written word, can make me care about a character so much that I can be reduced to tears one minute and laughing the next but this author manages to do just that”
Tania Findlay, The Sun

“Beautifully written and wonderfully engaging. I loved it.”
 Daily Mail

“Touching, funny and real, Andy Jones’s novel about what happens after the love story had me laughing one minute and crying the next. I loved it.”
Jane Costello, Bestselling Author

“In turns funny, sad, honest and heartbreaking, The Two of Us takes you on a rollercoaster ride you won’t ever want to end.”
 Matt Dunn

the trouble with henry & zoe

“Andy Jones’ easy and sharp style make you connect with his characters really quickly. I enjoyed this story immensely. It made me laugh and it surprised me more than once. I even shade a tear or two. Definitely a recommended read.”
Alba in Bookland

“I thought The Trouble with Henry and Zoe was just glorious. It is perfectly observed and so refreshing in style. Once I’d finished reading The Trouble with Henry and Zoe I simply wanted to go back to the beginning and read it all again. It would make an ideal summer book.”
Linda’s Book Bag

“A review I read stated that the book could make you laugh and cry within a few pages. I took this as normal hyperbole…..and then found myself laughing out loud and then weeping at the joyous and dreadful events which tumble quickly one after the other.”
Breakaway Reviewers

“The result? The Trouble with Henry and Zoe, an achingly emotional blitz of light hearted romantic moments and flashes of humour throughout – and what a magic read it is!”
Little Bookness Lane

Girl 99 is fantastic fun! Huge-hearted, snort-your-tea funny and completely life affirming, it’s the perfect feel-good story. Andy Jones has done it again, with pin-sharp observation, merciless wit and characters so real you could meet them in the street. I loved it!
Miranda Dickinson, Bestselling author

“Even now, I feel a little burst of joy at what’s hidden inside for potential readers. Amid all of the amusement and witticism, there’s a certain sense of loveliness within this novel, a certain feel to it that is completely uplifting and golden.”
The Hummingbird Reviews

Only a very talented writer can write about a man who is an idiot and yet still make you love him.”
Victoria Loves Books

“Brilliant!! Hooked from the very first page which is filled with hilarious moments. Great, likeable characters. Andy Jones continues to be one of my favourite authors.”
Amy Rowland – Bella Magazine