Walking a Tightrope

Here’s the first line to my new novel: Adam has been dying for eight weeks now, but he isn’t getting any better at it. I think that’s a pretty good line, and I feel comfortable saying as much because I didn’t write it. Not really. In sixteen words, this line introduces us to the heroContinue reading “Walking a Tightrope”

“I Hope You Die First.”

Have you ever had that conversation with a loved one? The one where you discuss who you would prefer to die first? It’s a bit morbid (okay, entirely morbid), but it’s romantic too. It’s about love more than it is about death. You’re watching some TV show when one of the protagonists is hit byContinue reading ““I Hope You Die First.””

The Inspiration for a Debauched Story

Someone will ask me what my new book’s about. “It’s about two couples who swap partners for the night,’ I say. And then I count and wait for the inevitable response: 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . “It wasn’t inspired by real life, was it?” And they laugh, nervously.Continue reading “The Inspiration for a Debauched Story”

FOUR: Reading group questions

CAUTION: There be spoilers ahead! 1. Alistair is the least sympathetic character in the book. But did he achieve redemption in the end? 2. From one perspective, Faye is the least ‘powerful’ character in the story. How does that power shift throughout the course of the story? 3. What happens to Mike and Sally afterContinue reading “FOUR: Reading group questions”