School Visits

Illustration © Olaf Falafel

I’m passionate about literacy in youngsters and love any opportunity so pass on a few of the things I’ve learned as an author. And, hopefully, some of my enthusiasm for reading and writing.

I run three main workshops/talks:

How to Build a Story (talk/workshop)

Popular and highly interactive talk on building stories using characters, goals, and struggle. Plus yetis.

Where Do Ideas Come From? (talk/workshop)

Lots of ideas for finding inspiration, a long list of story prompts, and how my daughters inspired my novel Wishes Come in Threes.

Save the Dragon ’til Last (workshop)

Fun and lively workshop with a twist on a familiar story. Learning about to build tension and drama to create a strong story climax.

Talks/workshops (in person or online) run for 1 hour including a 15 min Q&A and can be adapted to the level of the year group – from the wide-eyed little ones in year 4, to the great big cynical ones in year 8.

For more information, including fees & expenses please get in touch here:

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