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I’m passionate about literacy in youngsters – it was a big part of the inspiration for writing Unleash Your Creative Monster – and love any opportunity so pass on a few of the things I’ve learned as an author. And, hopefully, some of my enthusiasm for reading and writing.

Unleash Your Creative Monster covers a vast range of writing principles and advice, from broad story concepts to the nuts and bolts of creative writing.

Ideas like the importance of conflict and struggle in driving a compelling narrative; thoughts on building three-dimensional characters; and practical tips like engaging the senses, burying exposition and making the most of metaphor and simile.

Any of these subjects, plus the dozens of other in Unleash Your Creative Monster will form the basis of enlightening and entertaining talks, or more interactive workshops.

Some Ideas for Monster Talks & Workshops

  • The importance of goals, obstacles and struggle in creating a story
  • Building original characters – traits, dimension and arcs
  • Writing dialogue
  • Supercharging similes & playing with metaphors
  • Chekhov’s gun & Rowling’s potion (introducing characters, objects & ideas)
  • Show Don’t tell & Tell Don’t Show.
  • FSPs: recognising and choosing between Fascinating Story Possibilities
  • Four ways to end a story. And a few ways to begin.
  • Building a story around a theme
  • How to edit a story – finding, fixing and avoiding mistakes
  • Finding inspiration for your writing, and the power of ‘What If . . ?’

Some of these above talks can be customised to align with your pupils’ current reading material – particularly those concerned with goals & obstacles, characters and theme.

In addition to Monster-based visits, I am also happy to read from and talk about my upcoming children’s novels.

The ideas in Unleash Your Creative Monster can be adapted to the level of the year group – from the wide-eyed little ones in year 4, to the great big cynical ones in year 12. And I am happy to do in person, or online school visits.

For more information, including fees & expenses please get in touch here:

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