Ten Books

My girls absolutely love reading, so I asked them to each recommend their five favourite books and write a few words about them. It’s a tough thing to do – pick only 5 favourites – which is why the list ended up running to eleven.

1. The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

Ruby: “This book was the first book to properly blow my mind. It has so many different genres in it e.g action, thriller, romance, tragedy. In my opinion it is the perfect book for ages about 9+. I cried for 10 minutes when I finished this book because it was so good. I would really recommend this book for people who love action and constant suspense.”

2. The Peculiars– Kieran Larwood

Evie: “There is adventure, obviously fantasy ( the weird type, not the unicorns ) a bit tiny bit of blood and horror-just not a western theme. This is about a group of ‘peculiars’ who go on a breathtaking adventure to many places-the crystal palace, a haunted house and The River Thames. Adventure, mystery and friendship, The Peculiars is my favourite book of ALL time!!!”

3. The Murder Most Unladylike Series – Robin Stevens

Ruby: “These books are filled with mystery, crime, rule breaking and more. They are so well written, and always make you eager to read more!”

4. Little Badman and the Invasion of the Killer Aunties – Humza Arshad and Henry White

Evie: “Not only do I love this book for it’s everlasting humor, but the ridiculous storyline and action. I hope you get as much love from this book as I have.”

5. The House With Chicken Legs – Sophie Anderson

Ruby: “I find this book so creative and imaginative. It moved me when I finished it, and gave me a life moral: Follow your own dreams, not someone else’s.”

6. The Five Children & It – E. Nesbit

Evie: “This book is full of fantasy with an unusual creature who will grant them wishes, but what will happen if the wishes get out of hand?”

7. Skellig – David Almond

Ruby: “This book is not like any book, that’s for sure. It has so many surprises and moving scenes in it, and really makes you look at the world in a different way and think…’What else is really out there?’”

8. Dork Diaries – Rachel Renee Russell

Evie: “This is a series, and weirdly, I have only read the 13th book, but it was amazing. I would recommend this book to mosty girls, but who says a boy can’t enjoy a great book? It is about a girl who really wants to be one of the cool girls at school, but nothing seems to work. This is filled with high school drama and… boys.

9. What Not to Do If You Turn Invisible – Ross Welford

Ruby: “I love this book, as it has so much tension, drama and emotion in it. It has so many twists and turns, and unexpected events, which is what makes it incredibly good!”

10. The Train to Impossible Places – P.G Bell

Evie: “I read this book quite a while ago, but I can remember it includes a girl called Suzy who goes on a miraculous adventure on a rather special train, and that I drew pictures about it for about three days, trying to remember all of the places in it. Even better, there is a second book, so if you enjoy it, there is more to come…”

11. Smile – Reina Telgemier

Evie: “If you like comic strips, this is for you. It is about the author’s life as a child, so you can really feel like it is happening to you, and Reina Telgemier really knows what she is talking about. There are more books by this author and all I can say is they are AMAZING!!!”

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